Yes, of course, you can host huge mailing lists with us, as long as recipients have been added via double opt-in. Huge is however a relative term and what appears to be a huge mailing list for you may not be huge for our servers and may even be hosted on a shared or virtual hosting server.

Depending on the number of subscribers to your mailing list, the frequency of your mails, the average size of your messages and how fast you need your mails delivered to recipients, we can make a better suggestion on what type of setup we need and how much it will cost per month. Please fill out the form below or contact us for details.

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Number of subscribers

The number of subscribers determines how many messages we need to send out on your behalf. The higher the number, the longer it will take to send a message to all recipients.


If you send 5 messages per day, enter "5" for "number of messages" and select "per day" for timeframe. The more often you send messages, the busier your server will be.

Message size

The size of the message determines the amount of bandwidth that will be consumed as well as the server throughput. If you send attachments with images, or PDFs along with your messages, you can easily consume 1000 Kilobytes with one message.
(in Kilobytes)


The number of CPUs on the server or computing instance determines how many messages can be sent at once. If you need messages to be sent out as quickly as possible, we will need to take more CPU power into account.
(1 is extremely important, 10 is unimportant)

Anything you need to tell us?

Please be as specific as possible to get a more accurate quote.

Our default recommendation for a mailing list or newsletter server is Mailman. If you need more marketing oriented tools and have an urge for fancy tracking statistics on the number of opened mails to to get insights on top newsletters and autoresponders, subscribers, links or email domains and happen to be using WordPress, we can set up MailPoet Premium for a small fee for you.

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