Hosting Philosophy

About EZOSHosting
EZOSHOSTING, located in sunny Austin TX, is dedicated to providing professional Internet Solutions at Affordable Rates. Our services range from the daily tasks of Professional Web Hosting, Website Management, or Software Updates over Dynamic Web Development, Security Audits or Search Engine Optimization to High End Server deployments and Dedicated Server Management. We have the experience to help our customers get online and take their businesses to the next level and beyond.


Open Source
OPEN SOURCE. We are committed to providing solutions for all of the internet’s platforms, be it GPL or commercially licensed software. When purchasing a Web Hosting account you can choose to have many free open source software systems installed automatically. With being involved with many internet projects such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Xaraya (four free content management systems) and Magento customizations, we are also available for commercial support.


Hosting Solutions
SOLUTIONS. The motto of our founder is: “If there is a will, there will also be a way.” We strive to provide custom-fit solutions where other providers just say: “Sorry, that’s it, but be have to let you go.” Our custom built solutions reach from complicated data migration tasks to MS Exchange and Sharepoint Management in the cloud, Shoutcast Radio Streaming, VOIP Services, Jabber, and Flash Servers running on Virtual Private Server Instances.

SECURE ACCOUNTS, hosted on Intel based servers, powerful computers stored in secure and climate-controlled environment and linked to the Internet through high-speed data lines are just some of the benefits of EZOSHosting.

CONTACT US. For all sales related queries for prospective customers, please contact us. Existing customers can login from within our client area for all queries including help with hosting plans, account configuration, information on account status, payment history, etc.

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