Extended Validation (EV)

The highest level of validation is provided by ssl certificates with extended validation. Your Certificate Application is sent to the Certification Authority. They make thorough checks of your organization. You will need to provide documents that confirm the domain name ownership and credibility of your company or organization. The issued certificate will then show data confirming the identity of the site owner. The green browser address bar distinguishes websites verified by extended validation (EV).
Certificate NameValidationBrandPrice/
Comodo EV SSLExtended$ 24.58
Comodo EV SGC SSLExtended$ 24.92
Comodo EV Multi-DomainExtended54.08
Symantec Secure Site EVExtended$ 62.92
Symantec Secure Site Pro EVExtended$ 100.
GeoTrust True BusinessID EVExtended$ 22.92
GeoTrust True BusinessID EV
Multi-Domain (SAN/UCC)
Extended$ 33.25
Thawte SSL Web Server EVExtended$ 16.58
Certificate NameSecuritySite SealEncryptionOrder
Comodo EV SSLDomainDynamic256-bit
Comodo EV SGC SSLDomainDynamic256-bit
Comodo EV Multi-DomainMultiple
domains or
Symantec Secure Site EVMultiple
Symantec Secure Site Pro EVMultiple
GeoTrust True BusinessID EVDomainDynamic256-bit
GeoTrust True BusinessID EV
Multi-Domain (SAN/UCC)
Thawte SSL Web Server EVMultiple
Certificate NameWarrantyIssuanceYearsGreen BarOrder
Comodo EV SSL$1,750,0004-101-2
Comodo EV SGC SSL$1,750,00071-2
Comodo EV Multi-Domain$1,750,00071-2
Symantec Secure Site EV$1,750,00014-211-2
Symantec Secure Site Pro EV$1,750,00014-211-2
GeoTrust True BusinessID EV$1,500,0001-101-2
GeoTrust True BusinessID EV
Multi-Domain (SAN/UCC)
Thawte SSL Web Server EV$1,500,0004-101-2

How does the Extended Validation work?

Extended Validation (EV) for SSL Certificates is the most complete verification process available, because after validate the domain and your business you will also need to send additional documentation to the issuer (the SSL brand) who will check them.
We recommend the use of Extended Validation SSL Certificates for online shops and business that use shopping carts, you will obtain the Green browser bar, that will appear at the browser of your visitors, this is the most visible sign of the security your site has, this will increase the trust of your visitors when sending sensible information.

Step 1: Domain Validation

This is the easiest step, you will simply have to respond to an automated message that will be sent to your e-mail account.

Step 2: Supply Business Documents

You will have to provide documentation relative to your company to the SSL Issuer, this can be done by e-mail (in PDF format), per fax or even per Post mail. You will need to send one of the following documents: Articles of Incorporation, Business License, DUNS details (e.g. your customer’s Dun & Bradstreet company number).

Step 3: Supply EV Documents

Once you’ve sent the documents relative to your company, you will also need to send the EV SSL Subscriber Agrement and Certificate Request Form to complete the EV Validation process. This process is slower but permits you to obtain the maximum verification available.
Comodo SSL EV Documents: Certificate Request Form, EV SSL Subscriber Agreement

Step 4: Phone Call Verification

In order to complete the verification, the issuer will check your phone number per phone call, they will take your company’s phone number from public phone databases.

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