Domain Validation

The basic level of validation is done by domain verifications. The SSL certificate is issued on the basis of the domain name ownership. The procedure can rely on data which appears in publically accessible domain name databases (WHOIS) or by sending an authorization request to an e-mail address in that domain name.

Domain Validation

Certificate NameValidationBrandPrice/
Commercial SSLDomain$ 2.42
Commercial SSL WildcardDomain$ 8.25
Positive SSLDomain$ 2.08
Positive SSL WildcardDomain$ 8.25
Positive SSL Multi-DomainDomain$ 1.66
Positive SSL Multi-Domain WildcardDomain$ 24.92
Essential SSL
Domain$ 4.08
Comodo SSL CertificateDomain$ 4.92
Elite SSL Domain$ 14.92
Domain Validated UCCDomain$ 14.08
Essential SSL WildcardDomain$ 14.08
Wildcard SSL Certificate
Domain$ 18.75
Quick Premium Multi-DomainDomain$ -1.
QuickSSL PremiumDomain$ 8.25
Web Site Anti-Malware ScanDomain$ 6.81
Domain$ 2.42
RapidSSL WildcardDomain$12.92
SSL123Domain$ 5.

Domain Validation

Technical Details
Certificate NameSecuritySite SealEncriptionOrder
Commercial SSLDomainDynamic256-bit
Commercial SSL WildcardUnlimited SubdomainsDynamic256-bit
Positive SSLDomainStatic128-bit
Positive SSL WildcardUnlimited subdomainsStatic128-bit
Positive SSL Multi-DomainMulti-DomainStatic128-bit
Positive SSL Multi-Domain WildcardMulti-DomainStatic256-bit
Essential SSL
SSL CertificateDomainDynamic256-bit
Elite SSL DomainDynamic128/256-bit
Domain Validated UCCMultiple domainsDynamic256-bit
Essential SSL WildcardUnlimited subdomainsStatic128/256-bit
Wildcard SSL Certificate
Unlimited subdomainsDynamic256-bit
Geotrust Quick Premium Multi-Domain (SAN)Multiple domainsDynamic256-bit
QuickSSL PremiumDomainDynamic256-bit
Web Site Anti-Malware Scanup to 50 pagesDynamicn/a
RapidSSL WildcardUnlimited subdomainsDynamic256-bit

Domain Validation

Warranty and Issuance
Certificate NameWarrantyIssuance
YearsGreen BarOrder
Commercial SSL$10,000Immediate1-3
Commercial SSL Wildcard$10,000Immediate1-3
Positive SSL$10,000Immediate1-3
Positive SSL Wildcard$10,000Immediate1-3
Positive SSL Multi-Domain$10,000Immediate1-3
Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard$10,000Immediate1-3
Essential SSL
SSL Certificate$250,000Immediate1-3
Elite SSL $500,0001-21-3
Domain Validated UCCImmediate1-3
Essential SSL Wildcard$10,000Immediate1-3
Wildcard SSL Certificate
Geotrust Quick Premium Multi-Domain (SAN)$500,0001-21-3
QuickSSL Premium$100,000Immediate1-2
Web Site Anti-Malware ScanImmediate1-3
RapidSSL Wildcard$5,000Immediate1-3

How does Domain Validation works?

Domain Validation (DV) for SSL Certificates is the fastest available validation process, because of its simplicity you will be able to obtain your SSL Certificate in only a few minutes.
To complete the validation you simply have to respond to an e-mail that is automatically sent to your e-mail address.

Important: It’s not possible to validate domains with active Whois Privacy services, this is because the e-mail is sent to the e-mail account that appears at the whois results. In case you’re using a Whois Privacy Service you would need to deactivate it temporarily in order to complete this validation step.

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