.htaccess .htaccess is a file that you can create using notepad in Windows (or any text editor) to add some additional functionality to your site and server. It is usually supported by all Unix/Linux web hosts who use the Apache server. Support for this feature is included at no cost to you in all our packages.

.htaccess files affect the directory they are placed in and all sub-directories. This means that a htaccess file located in your root directory (yoursite.com) would affect yoursite.com/content, yoursite.com/content/contents, etc.

The .htaccess file can affect these things and much more:

  • Error Documents
  • Password protection
  • Enable SSI via htaccess
  • Deny users by IP
  • Change your default directory index page
  • Redirects
  • Prevent viewing of htaccess
  • Adding MIME types
  • Prevent hot linking of your images
  • Prevent directory listing

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