Web Space

Webspace Web space is the allotted amount of disk space on the server you are allowed to use. This space is used to store all files needed for your website, including HTML files, image files, scripts, multimedia files, and any other files used for your website. The more web space for future growth, the better!

Included in the allotted web space for each account are all files within the clients virtual server and it also includes all pending e-mail for download and the mysql databases. We realize that the webspace we offer is far more than most of our clients will ever use. Our service considers the fact that increasingly popular media applications will require far more data storage than static HTML files.
Unlike other hosting services, we do not oversell our servers, we won’t promise you terrabytes of storage, and we will not shut you down once you start using your alloted disk space.

We allow so much space because we want our hosting service to be well suited for the media technology of tomorrow. Think of unused web space as future inventory. Websites will be very dynamic and require large applications. Dynamic websites and content management systems constantly update and archive yesterdays information. Those type of applications are quite heavy on a server, i.e. websites which integrate databases such as MySQL grow and require more and more storage space. Additionally, the more webspace we assign to each account, the less accounts we can place on one server, reducing the risk of overloading it, which keeps our customers happy, as they experience ultra highspeed webhosting even with large and complex software applications.

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