Advanced Email Protection

Advanced Email Protection All premium members get our advanced email protection. We use a collection of powerful utilities which do the following:

  • Achieve much higher spam and virus detection rates
  • Tag, delete or forward email identified as spam
  • Differentiate between possible and likely spam
  • Use any number of Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBL’s)
  • Keep server resource usage to a minimum

The utilities are:

  • MailScanner / DCC / Vipuls Razor – mail scanning tools for anti-spam and anti-virus service.
  • MailScanner front-end accessible from within your cPanel. This application provides a user front-end to our MailScanner installation. The following extended options are now available from within your cPanel:
    • Per domain actions for two score levels for spam scanning
    • Per domain actions for virus scanning
    • Per account whitelists and blacklists
    • Per account low and high score settings
    • Per account configurable forwarding email address for spam
  • MailWatch, front-end for statistical information, SpamAssassin learning and releasing of attachments from quarantine
  • ClamAV and MailScanner have been modified to use the Mail::ClamAV perl module, which reduces server load and speeds up mail scanning dramatically
  • We have now configured SpamAssassin to use a server-wide bayesian filter database to increase identification of spam. instead of a spam database on a per user basis. cPanel SpamAssassin has been disabled to provide central control of mail scanning services.
  • MailScanner configuration has been modified to allow us to offer a per domain email scanning service for spam and/or viruses, together with per domain actions for dealing with detected spam
  • SpamAssassin Extended Rules from SARE – greatly improves identification of spam
  • Exim Tweaks – better tweaking of Exim for use with MailScanner
    • Prevent unnecessary queuing
    • Create server-wide abuse@ and postmaster@ addresses
    • Correct handling of :fail: message on RCPT failure
  • Dictionary attack protection – drops spammers who repeatedly send email to non-existent email addresses and can greatly reduce server load.

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