Logo and Banner Kit

We are frequently approached by our customers whether they’re allowed to display our logos on their website or not.
Or course, if you are an EZOSHosting customer, you are allowed to display our logos or banners on your site.

To make life a little easier for you, we have created a few samples for your inspiration. You may include any of these logos or come up with your own idea. Please share your ideas with us!


Standalone Banner

<img src="http://ezoshosting.com/i/banners/standalone.gif" />

Ice Banner

<img src="http://cdn.ezoshosting.com/ezoshosting/i/banners/icebanner.gif" />

Affiliate Banner

<img src="http://cdn.ezoshosting.com/ezoshosting/i/banners/banner1.gif" />

Banner Box

<img src="http://cdn.ezoshosting.com/ezoshosting/i/banners/box1.gif" />

Generic Banner

<img src="http://cdn.ezoshosting.com/ezoshosting/i/banners/generic.gif" />


Transparent Logo

<img src="http://cdn.ezoshosting.com/ezoshosting/i/banners/logo.gif" />

Dark Background Logo

<img src="http://cdn.ezoshosting.com/ezoshosting/i/banners/logo.png" />

Powered by EZOSHosting Badge

<img src="http://cdn.ezoshosting.com/ezoshosting/i/banners/ezos.gif" />

Logo Only

<img src="http://cdn.ezoshosting.com/ezoshosting/i/banners/ezoshosting.gif" />

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