GCC, G++, Make, Java, Rsync

GCC, G++, Make, Java, Rsync GCC provides you with the libraries necessary to build programs from source that are programmed in C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada. GCC is the foundation that makes G++, Make, and Java work, all of which are compilers which can be used to create a executable application from source code.
This is useful because you may want to run a program which is required to be ran on the server and often the source code is more up to date then the precompiled binary and thus you may find it to your advantage to build the program you’d like to use from source rather than use the premade binary.

Rsync is a utility that can be used to quickly transfer files over the internet, this utility is often one of the ways open source developers offer access to their latest development efforts. One of the more popular uses for example of Rsync is to quickly ensure that you always have the latest version of programs source code which you may desire to keep up to date as much as possible.

These programs are included by default for free in the packages EZOS XL and EZOS XXL.

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