Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is a free web application framework. It aims to increase the speed and ease with which database-driven web sites can be created, and offers skeleton code frameworks. Often shortened to Rails, or RoR, Ruby on Rails is an open source project written in the Ruby programming language, and applications using the Rails framework are developed using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm.

The MVC paradigm has become increasingly popular within the last few years.

Manage Ruby Gems

Ruby Gems are are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Ruby. You will need to install a Gem before you can use it inside a Ruby program.

Gems are installed directly from the RubyForge repository.

Manage Ruby on Rails Applications

Right from within your cPanel, you can manage Ruby on Rails Applications. Ruby on Rails Applications are based on the Rails framework. Rails applications must be run like any other application. After creating an application, you will need to populate it with your code. Then, you can choose to start or stop the application and even to load the application every time the server reboots.

Create Ruby on Rails Application

Manage Rewrites

Since applications are running on a different port than the other URLs on your server, you’ll need to redirect incoming traffic to that port. To do this, you can create a URL rewrite to send users to your Ruby on Rails application.

Manage Ruby Rewrites

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