Enterprise ID

From $ 29.95 / year

Enterprise ID is the highest level of security that is available from CERTUM for any type of PCC ID certificates. It’s also has the highest financial liability that CERTUM backs and is ideally used for signing the most important and sensitive documents a company, corporation or enterprise could have. All kinds of senior level executives and upper management use this as it also is an electronic seal.
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Email Validation
Email Security
Issuance 60 mins

Green Bar
Site Seal
Max Years3
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All Enterprise ID Certificates are fully validated certificates that confirm your identity, your email address and your company’s details. Because of this high-security procedure, this ID certificate is used for electronic signing of high-level business and trade documents, like contacts or legal documents. This in-turn ensures your integrity and trust in all correspondence. Make your company even more secure by protecting all of your electronic communication. Don’t worry all major email clients, browsers, applications and Microsoft operating systems. CERTUM Enterprise ID certificates can be issued to an individual (legal) person, i.e. a company, a public institution and can actually function as a legal seal. The personal information included in the certificate:
Email address
First name and last name

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For individuals there is the option to validate a single email address only. CERTUM provides these types of certificates where they send an email and you need to click on verification link to verify that you are the owner of the certificate.


Email Certificates can also be used as electronic signatures and they are also known as an easy e-signature for everyone, allowing the approval of important documents sent online.


CERTUM is the European Certificate Authority and one of the most recognized brands in online security. Your Certificates are affordable and fit a wide range of solutions to SSL corporations , banks , large and medium ecommerce services, small specialized companies and institutions of public administration with all kinds of validation. All certificates come with CERTUM financial guarantees, free site seals and free licenses for multiple servers.

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