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CERTUM Trusted SSL is issued by CERTUM CA, a world renowned Polish company. The validation process include verification of the domain name and organization (company) documents. This SSL certificate is an excellent choice for financial institutions and any other business in which having a sterling reputation and credibility are important in everyday activity.
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Organization Validation
Single Domain
1-2 days

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Site SealDynamic
Max Years3
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CERTUM Trusted SSL is an OV (Organization Validated) certificate which displays verified details of a company or organization with the domain to which the certificate will be issued. The issue of the certificate takes place prior to detailed verification of both the ordering party’s details and the access to the domain. In order to confirm the aforesaid security measures, you can download the prestigious CERTUM seal to add to your website. The seal proves that it is safe for users to register on the web service and use the e-services offered thereon. The encryption of 128-256 bit protects both you and your clients against interception of data.

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SSL Certificates that require organization validation will display the identity of a website owner. Verification is carried out on the basis of documents as submitted by the applicant. Those documents should confirm the ownership of the domain name and the right to represent an organization.


Single Domain SSL Certificates allow you to add SSL security to one single domain, for this reason they are typically cheaper than other certificate types. If you have a web project that needs SSL security, Single Domain SSL Certificates are usually your best option.


The Secured Site Seal permits you to show your website visitors what type of security your domain name has signed up for. Dynamic Site seals increase their trust when making financial transactions or transmitting sensible information on your domain.


CERTUM is the European Certificate Authority and one of the most recognized brands in online security. Your Certificates are affordable and fit a wide range of solutions to SSL corporations , banks , large and medium ecommerce services, small specialized companies and institutions of public administration with all kinds of validation. All certificates come with CERTUM financial guarantees, free site seals and free licenses for multiple servers.

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