Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

From $ 495 / year

A certificate with unique abilities, this Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate is unbeatable when it comes to securing an unlimited number of sub-domains under multiple domains. To simplify the process of web security administration, this certificate efficiently consolidates sub-domains on a single certificate. This convenient and economical wildcard option is preferred by companies that have a lot of domain names on the same server.
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Organization Validation
Unlimited Subdomains & Multi Domain
7 days

SecurityUnlimited Subdomains & Multi Domain
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We present the first and only Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate. From now on it’s possible to add SSL encryptionn to multiple domains and unlimited subdomains with only one certificate. The Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard certificate permits you to add from 3 to 100 domains, and their respective subdomains using the same certificate, at always with the warranty of Comodo SSL Certificates. Forget about managing multiple SSL Certificates and add SSL Security to your domains or subdomains with only one certificate.

You will be able to add SSL security with only one certificate up to 100 domains like:

– *, *, *
– o
– exchange.yourdomain.local
– and much more.

Multi-domain Wildcard SSL Certificates are perfect for companies with multiple sites that want to have use a SSL certificate for them, without the need of buying multiple certificates. You can add up to 100 domains, initially Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL comes with 3 domains, you will be able to add up to 97 additional domains at the shopping cart at low price, all of them, as well as their subdomains, will be associated to the same SSL Certificate.

In addition, the Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate supports subject alternative names, also called “Unified Communication Certificates” (UCC). These have been developed for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Communications Server products. This certificate also allows local network names.

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SSL Certificates that require organization validation will display the identity of a website owner. Verification is carried out on the basis of documents as submitted by the applicant. Those documents should confirm the ownership of the domain name and the right to represent an organization.


Wildcard SSL Certificates allow you to add SSL security to all subdomains under your domain using one single SSL certificate. In other words, if you have multiple subdomains they will be able to use the same certificate without additional costs.
Multi Domain SSL certificates allow you to add SSL security to multiple domains using one single SSL certificate. It is the most comfortable option, as you will be able to add a SSL certificate to another domain name with ease.


The Secured Site Seal permits you to show your website visitors what type of security your domain name has signed up for. Dynamic Site seals increase their trust when making financial transactions or transmitting sensible information on your domain.



Being one of the most recognized brands in online security, COMODO offers flexible and cheap certificate options that suit a wide range of needs.
Comodo offers tools for private persons, small and mid-sized companies, e-commerce websites and enterprises and services to Internet Software, Email Security and Messaging, SSL Certificates, PKI Management, Internet Browsers and much more.

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