RapidSSL Wildcard

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RapidSSL® Wildcard Certificates help you secure all your subdomains with one, low-cost SSL certificate issued to *.yourdomain.com. We help you keep your customers’ transactions secure with strong encryption and you’ll speed through enrollment with automated domain control validation.

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Domain validation
Unlimited Subdomains
Express Issuance

SecurityUnlimited Subdomains
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RapidSSL Wildcard is one of the most popular Wildcard SSL Certificates available today, that is in part because of the speed they’re issued (usually less than 5 minutes), the encryption up to 256-bit they offer and their unbeatable price. The certificate will be compatible with most of the browsers and actual smartphones, they’re ideal for small online projects that require an SSL certificate. Add SSL security to all subdomains of your domain, at the best price.

RapidSSL offers a standard 128/256 bit encryption and one of the most rapid issue times (the certificate is usually issued in less than 5 minutes).

When making your purchase, you will receive a completely free Site Seal, this permits you to show your visitors the security type that your site has, increasing the trust of your possible customers when introducing personal or financial information.

Remember, cheap doesn’t mean bad, RapidSSL is a subsidiary company of GeoTrust, one of the most important security companies in the World.
Secure an unlimited number of sub domains on the same domain name. With a Wildcard SSL certificate issued to *.yourdomain.com you could protect


Without the need for multiple SSL certificates ensuring that RapidSSL Wildcard is the Best Value!

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The basic level of validation is done by domain verifications. The SSL certificate is issued on the basis of the domain name ownership. The procedure can rely on data which appears in publically accessible domain name databases (WHOIS) or by sending an authorization request to an e-mail address in that domain name.


Wildcard SSL Certificates allow you to add SSL security to all subdomains under your domain using one single SSL certificate. In other words, if you have multiple subdomains they will be able to use the same certificate without additional costs.


The Secured Site Seal permits you to show your website visitors what type of security your domain name has signed up for.


The fastest solution to encrypt & secure your domain by providing stream-lined enrollment & automated authentication processes.
RapidSSL offers 128/256-bit encryption to his customers, with an automated validation process, without need of additional documentation. Receive your SSL Certificate in less than 5 minutes, at any moment.

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