Code Signing Certificate

From $ 229 / year

With the advent of online distribution, developing and disseminating functional code is easier than ever. However, such an environment also subjects code and software to potential dangers presented by fraudulent and malicious code. Don’t expose your customers to these threats. With a Thawte Code Signing Certificate, you can protect your customers and provide them with the safe, trustworthy code they deserve.
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Organization Validation
Single Domain
2-3 days

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The Thawte Code Signing Certificate allows you to cover most platforms and applications with a single certificate.Thawte is the only company that can offer this service!
With the Code Signing Certificate may sign active content such as ActiveX, Macros, MIDlet (J2ME) and Java ™ applets and distribute it electronically via the Internet safely. This authenticated digital signature effectively verifies the source of their software before downloading, d that way you can be sure that neither content nor the code will be maliciously modified without being detected.
The Thawte Code Signing Certificate will help inspire confidence to its users and protect their brand, in addition to remove security alerts edge, reduce support inquiries, to increase the amount of downloadable software and online sales and reduce the cost of code maintenance free thanks to a timestamp. Also available via telephone customer support 24/7 e-mail and chat

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SSL Certificates that require organization validation will display the identity of a website owner. Verification is carried out on the basis of documents as submitted by the applicant. Those documents should confirm the ownership of the domain name and the right to represent an organization.


Single Domain SSL Certificates allow you to add SSL security to one single domain, for this reason they are typically cheaper than other certificate types. If you have a web project that needs SSL security, Single Domain SSL Certificates are usually your best option.


Protecting identities and transactions with almost 1 million SSL & code signing certificates, Thawte extends its global reach to 240+ countries.
Thawte pertains to Verisign/Symantec and protects transactions and identities in more than 240 countries. Till today Thawte has issued more than 950,000 SSL Certificates.

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