As of today, all of’s incremental offsite backups for shared and VPS hosting accounts are stored on AES-512 bit encrypted backup drives in the cloud.

“With the introduction of secure AES-512 bit encrypted backup drives in the cloud we move one step further to provide a reliable high speed and secure yet best ease of use hosting environment at very affordable rates” says Florin Racolta, tech analyst at EZOSHosting.

Why backups are important to us

Minor accidents happen frequently and are mostly caused by human error. For example, you may accidentally overwrite or delete the wrong file(s) or folder(s) and realize that you need to restore something. In this event you can easily use our self service restore service to restore the files in question from a daily or weekly backup.

In the early days of the internet some people used to keep offline backups of the files they uploaded to a server, because server and backup space was very expensive and the contents of the files would not change after they have been uploaded to the public document root. With the increased use of content management systems and dynamically generated content, this old school strategy will not keep a site owner safe in case of emergency. AES-512 bit encrypted backup drives in the cloudBesides that, disk areal density continues to grow and server disk space becomes cheaper every year. We realize how frustrating and potentially business-threatening a poorly executed backup strategy is to small business owners or personal use in the digital age. Rebuilding a site from scratch is typically not an option anymore either. As EZOSHosting believes that customers’ business means business to EZOSHosting, AES-512 bit encrypted backup drives are considered to be a valuable good.

AES-512 bit encrypted backup drives with EZOSHosting

The drives in the EZOSHosting backup cloud are fully encrypted with LUKS, allowing them to be unlocked remotely by extremely long passphrases with millions of iterations. If the hardware is ever rebooted or the drives are plugged into third party machines, the data cannot be accessed by unauthorized personell.

EZOSHosting shared hosting customers get free daily and weekly incremental backups. The automated backup processes do not use file compression and the CPU usage for backups is always reduced to 10% of the overall server load, resulting in significantly lightweight and unnoticeable backup processes at night time. Due to the incremental backups, only changed files are backed up to the AES-512 bit encrypted backup drives every day. Files and databases are transferred using secure lines. Customers can restore backups from their cPanel page 24/7/365. Customers are not forced to restore full account backups as there are options to either restore a file, a folder, an email directory or individual databases when using the EZOSHosting one click restore functionality to access data from the AES-512 bit encrypted backup drives.

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