PHP 7 hosting with EZOSHosting – a cPanel novelty

PHP 7 has just been released. EZOSHosting has tested PHP 7 hosting thoroughly over the last year and several of our customers have already had their WordPress website powered by PHP 7 for several months. As the version was still being encouraged for testing until today and undergone a wide public beta testing phase, many users have already found the perks of using the newest system while noting and tracking on the possible minor glitches. These have been addressed for utmost improvement. With today’s official release of PHP 7 by the PHP Development Group we are making it available to all of our customers and web owners can now maximize the potential of their sites with PHP 7 hosting.

If you would like to consider how fast the new PHP 7 set up will be, you can similarly gauge its performance with its promised features.

PHP 7 perks

PHP 7 has twice the speed of PHP 5.6

While the WordPress benchmarks have always been based on PHP 5.6, the surge of PHP 7 speed tests will be expected to have twice the speed. This means if the PHP 5.6 used to run within a 0.4 to 0.15-second mark, then this means PHP 7 can even go much faster! Just imagine how many more requests a server can handle given the new benchmark on speed.

Maintained consistency at 64 bit processing

This means you’re still able to store as much data with PHP 7, as you now get to process them at much faster pace. You can also store, access and assign numerous variables within the very same capacity.

PHP 7 has far more manageable errors

With this new version, perhaps most users might be worried about handling fatal errors. However, the latest PHP 7 release mentioned of the possible fatal errors to be exceptions. If you will check their logbook, none of the fixed bugs had fatal mishaps, which could affect your program on a massive scale. It is suggested for you to run a test on one minor site and see how the new PHP 7 should work. You can switch back and forth between PHP 5.5, 5.6 and PHP 7 at your convenience by a self service interface through your cPanel.

Old, Unsupported SAPIs and Extensions were removed

Potential security risks will not be much of a worry with PHP 7. The previous versions of PHP possess many SAPIs which were completely unavailable or unsupported for quite some time. The same thing may be claimed about a number of extensions, which are for too long unused or perhaps their dependency libraries were quite unsupported. Over two dozen SAPIs and extensions were no longer as useful, and the newest version of PHP will no longer have these.

Other Operational Inclusions

The new PHP 7 also has the Null Coalescing Operator (??) and Combined Comparison Operator (<=>). These should enable programmers to check on null values and provide them with better alternatives. Plus you can still enable efficient ways of ordering items within the same cluster of a class. Some other features include the Return and Scalar Type Declarations, along with Anonymous Classes.

PHP 7 scales well in comparison to Python and Ruby

In comparison to Python and Ruby, PHP 7 so far has the fastest processing time. Give PHP 7 a try and see how others have found it so far. This newest release might be just what you need for increased productivity and much faster output.

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