WordpressWordPress v3.9 will be released to the general public tomorrow.

What is new?

As of what is new, they are mainly media type additions which will be great for editing your blog or WordPress based website.


  1. Visual Editor

    A lot of the additions were made to the functionality of the visual editor section while you’re writing a post.

    They’ve made things easier such as adding the functionality to drag and drop images into the visual editor itself. So this means one less step when editing.

  2. Photo Galleries

    Another neat addition in making things great for visually appealing sites is the live preview of photo galleries.

  3. Image Editing 

    Another novelty is better image editing through the Media area.

  4. Theme Area

    The Theme area also has been made to look a little more slick. As you may remember, in the 3.8 update, the theme section was changed drastically. It’s not a drastic change, but looks a little bit slicker as WordPress is trying to aim for a more modernized look.

  5. Theme Customization with Widget Preview

    Another addition is the Theme Customizer. You will be able to see live previews of widgets in the theme customizer as you edit them. So again, one less step when editing – making things a lot more user friendly.

  6. Audio / Video Playlists

    Audio and Video playlist systems are often not as easy to use, but they make things a lot easier. If you’re in the audio or video business, you’ll hopefully love this.

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