Monthly Fee Please note that in this example we are using the pricing for the EZOS XS account, our smallest account, if you are in need of any further clarification with this matter feel free to submit a support ticket at any time.
Basically when you sign up for hosting you chose a package and then you chose the amount of time you’d like to host with us, you will then pay up front the total amount owed for the whole time you chose to host with us.
All webhosting payments made to EZOSHosting are usually recurring fees. They will automatically renew. If you can not participate in our automated payment services, please contact us to make an arrangement for manual payments. Please understand that due to the additional work caused by manual payments, we only allow manual annual or bi-annual payments.
We appreciate commitment. If you sign up for a longer period of time, your overall monthly fee will be significantly lower than the fees based on a monthly payment period.

Length of Hosting Price Per Month Total (price per month * length of hosting)
2 years $2.99 $ 71.76
1 year $3.99 $ 47.88
6 months $4.99 $ 29.94
3 months $5.99 $ 17.97
Monthly $ 6.99 $ 6.99

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