Search Engine Optimization


  • Leverage your site’s natural advantages – content, popularity, linking relationships
  • Can deliver substantial benefits at a very low cost, especially for a “content rich” site
  • Requires minimal ongoing activity for most sites
  • Initial investment in SEO can pay off for years to come


  • SEO influences, but does not control, the search engine results – there are no guarantees.
  • Delayed results – after the initial SEO effort, expect to wait at least 2-3 months for significant traffic.
  • Risk of becoming overly dependent on “free” traffic, because results are variable over time.
  • Some modifications to site are required; extent of changes dependent on many factors. A professional SEO consultant can help find the best path to results and ROI.
  • Poorly executed SEO campaigns can lead to search engine penalties and long term harm to the organization’s online presence.

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